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Short Compositions


Have you ever had a pet? Write about the experience

Have you ever had a pet? Write about the experience

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pet, cheerful, parrot, attention


  • First, answer the direct question.
  • Describe your experiences looking after your pet, if you had one. What it meant personally to you.
  • If you have never had one, tell any relevant story you have heard about having pets.
  • And in conclusion, say if it was a positive experience for you or if you consider it positive in general.

En este apartado tienes que tratar de utilizar expresiones y vocabulario variado.

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Have you ever had a pet? Write about the experience.

We have a family pet, it is an African grey parrot that dominates our house. When we get up in the morning the parrot greets us with a cheerful " good morning" which is repeated until it is given fruits and nuts for breakfast. We have also taught him to say a limited number of phrases such us "you are very pretty", which makes it very popular with our female visitors. We have grown very fond of it, and consider it almost a member of the family.

The only negative thing about the parrot is the daily cleaning of the cage, but apart from that, it requires little attention. It is a constant companion because it is always "talking" so you never feel alone in its presence! It even sings along with you!.

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