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Short Compositions


Are you for or against "the big bottle"?

Are you for or against "the big bottle"?

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spread, neighbours, complain, due to, aged, packed


  • Introduce brevemente el tema sobre el que vas a escribir y expresa tu opinión respondiendo a la pregunta: "¿Estás a favor o en contra del botellón en tu país?".
  • Escribe argumentos que justifiquen tu opinión.
  • Introduce tu opinión con expresiones como: I think, I believe, I agree with the fact that...
  • Utiliza expresiones para introducir tu opinión: I strongly believe, I think, In my opinion...

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Are you for or against "the big bottle"? Why?

The “big bottle” is a phenomenon which has quickly spread throughout Spanish cities. It has caused many problems in the areas where it takes place and therefore I am absolutely against it.

In the first place, neighbours living in the city centres complain because they cannot sleep due to the noise created and because they find their area full of rubbish the morning after.

The second problem I see is that under aged teenagers have access to alcohol because there is not anyone in the streets controlling what they drink.

Another big problem is that the streets are packed with drunk teenagers and this can bring about fights and acts of vandalism, which can, again, affect neighbours.

So on the whole, I think that the “big bottle” is a social problem and we should all contribute to eradicate it.

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