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Short Compositions


Do you think that singing should be taught at school?

Do you think that singing should be taught at school?

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  • Tormenta de ideas: piensa en vocabulario e ideas relacionadas con este tema: lessons, subjects, teachers, students...
  • Empieza por responder a la pregunta: Do you think that music should be taught at school?
  • Divide tus ideas en párrafos y contribuye con argumentos que refuercen tu opinión.
  • Utiliza expresiones para indicar tu opinión personal: I think, I believe, I strongly feel that,..

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Do you think that singing should be taught at school? Give reasons for your answer

There are many people who believe that a subject such as Music should not be taught at school but outside the school timetable. However, I believe that these subjects are important in a child´s development and should not be ignored within the school framework. Moreover, I think that singing should be part of the school curriculum, even if only for the first year, because it may be the only contact that children have with it.

In addition, not every family has the opportunity to pay for private singing lessons and if the school provided their students with them, there would be some children with excellent singing skills who would realize their talent at school and could work on it outside the school.

So, on the whole, I agree with the text in that singing is gratifying and as such, it should be taught at school.

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