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Short Compositions


Why are dinosaurs so interesting today?

Why are dinosaurs so interesting today?

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topic, amount, deal, childhood, fairy tales, main characters, current


  • Tormenta de ideas: piensa en vocabulario relacionado con este tema.
  • Piensa en razones por las cuales los dinosaurios son un tema de interés hoy en día.
  • Divide las ideas en párrafos.
  • Utiliza expresiones para organizar, relacionar o añadir ideas y para expresar tu opinión personal:in the first place, I think, however...

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Why are dinosaurs so interesting today? Explain

Dinosaurs are an interesting topic nowadays and evidence of this is the large amount of TV documentaries, films, books or radio programmes that deal with them. In the first place, I think that humans are attracted to the unknown, to the mysterious, to the things we cannot explain.

Secondly, dragons have had a place in our imaginations since our childhood and many fairy tales and children´s songs have dragons as main characters. But lately, films like Steven Spielberg´s Jurassic Park or more recently Eragon have increased our interest in dragons and have made it a current topic. And finally, I believe that we are all interested in learning more about the Earth when humans still did not live on it.

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