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Complete the sentences




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swoon, reply, marry, disappoint, mislay, landlady, rediscovered, memento, track down

He was the rock legend known as The King, she was a school -girl who loved him tender and swooned at the mere mention of his name. Now, thirty -nine years after she wrote to Elvis Presley promising to marry him when she grew up, Karen Golz has learned that her idol did not have a wooden heart. In a message from beyond the grave, his reply finally arrived.

It was as her 11th birthday approached in 1960 that Karen wrote to Elvis, who was serving as an American GI 1 in Germany. In a letter posted to the house where he was staying, she wrote: “Dear Elvis, It's my birthday soon and if you send me your autograph I promise I will marry you when I grow up.”

Anxious not to disappoint his young fan, he wrote a note back, scrawling her name and address in Germany, on the envelope. Inside, the note said: “Dear Karen, May you have a very happy 11th birthday –and a lot of Teddy Bears. Your friend, Elvis.” He gave the stamped and addressed envelope to his landlady to post. But she mislaid it and the letter lay undiscovered until the woman died. It was only when her family was cleaning out the house that the memento was rediscovered. Even though they realised its value to collectors, they donated the letter to the local Elvis Presley society.

There, club members spent weeks tracking down Karen. After receiving the letter Karen said: "My eyes filled with tears". Though she plans to hang on to her letter, experts have valued it at around £3,500.

Complete the following sentences. Use the appropriate form of the words in brackets when given.

a) Karen´s children did not know that their mother had written to Elvis when she was eleven years old

Ayuda: el adjetivo posesivo their tiene como referencia a the children. Para indicar la edad de alguien, utilizamos el verbo to be, en este caso en pasado: was.

b) The letter was found (find) in the attic when the old house was cleaned out (clean out).

Ayuda: debemos emplear la voz pasiva del verbo (be+ past participle) en ambos espacios ya que la oración carece de agente (persona que realiza la acción). Tenemos que utilizar el pasado (was found – was cleaned out ) ya que la acción indicada ocurrió en el pasado.

c) Thanks to club members of the local Elvis Presley society, Karen could be tracked down without much difficulty.

Ayuda: en inglés, la expresión gracias a equivale a thanks to. En el segundo espacio, delante del verbo be sólo puede ir un verbo modal. El más adecuado en este caso es could.

Rewrite the following sentence in reported speech starting with the words given.

d) “If you send me your autograph I will marry you, Karen promised Elvis. Karen promised Elvis that she would marry him if he sent her his autograph

Ayuda: Al convertir una afirmación en estilo indirecto debemos realizar varios cambios. Después del objeto (Elvis) debemos utilizar la partícula that. También hay cambios en los tiempos verbales, que dan un salto atrás. El futuro will del estilo indirecto se convierte en condicional would en estilo indirecto. El presente simple send se convierte en pasado simple sent. Debemos evitar repetir nombres propios y utilizar pronombres personales en su lugar.

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