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Smart shoes - Synonims

Smart shoes - Synonims

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concerns, increasingly obese, nicknamed, steps, wearer, transmitter, receiver, viewing time, deserve, expired, switch off, exposed, device, healthier, awareness, behaviour, researchers, monitor

A clever invention by a British student may be the answer to parents' concerns about their increasingly obese children. The invention is a shoe, nicknamed “Square-Eyes”, that contains a tiny computer chip to record how many steps the wearer has taken in a day. A wireless transmitter passes the information to a receiver connected to the television, and this decides how much viewing time the wearer deserves. The recommended average of 12,000 steps a day equates to a maximum of two hours of viewing time. Once the allocated time in front of the box has expired, the TV automatically switches off and the child must go out to play if he wants to earn more time.

The expression “square-eyes” has long been a term associated with sedentary children who are exposed to too much television. This new device reverses this association by promoting active lifestyles for kids. The designer of the device, Gillian Swan, hopes her invention will mean healthier children who include exercise in their daily routines from an early age. She said: “Today's children are exposed to a huge offer of television programmes and children's channels. Ten years ago, children were entertained by playing games with their friends, but now they're in their bedrooms watching hours of television programmes.”

According to Swan, “While children may find that two hours of TV is not especially generous, it will hopefully raise awareness among family members of their sedentary lifestyle and bring about a change in behaviour.” Some researchers believe the invention is at the vanguard of computer-integrated clothing which will allow clothes to monitor our health.

Find the words in the text that mean: (?)

a) worries: concerns (preocupaciones)destacar parrafo

Ayuda: “worries” es un sustantivo en plural que significa “preocupaciones”, al igual que “concerns” en una de sus acepciones.

b) ended : expired (terminado, vencido) destacar parrafo

Ayuda: “ended” es un verbo en su forma de participio que significa “acabado”. Por lo tanto debemos encontrar en el primer párrafo otro verbo con la mismas características. La respuesta es “expired”, que es intercambiable por “ended” en ciertos contextos.

c) mechanism : device (aparato) destacar parrafo

Ayuda: “mechanism” es un sustantivo que aparece en singular. Significa “mecanismo” y su sinónimo más parecido en el texto es “device”, cuyo significado es “aparato, dispositivo o mecanismo”.

d) cause : raise (suscitar) destacar parrafo

Ayuda: “cause” puede funcionar como sustantivo (“causa”) o como verbo (“causar”). Tomándolo como un verbo aquí, su sinónimo más parecido en el contexto es “raise”, otro verbo con muchas acepciones que puede significar “suscitar, dar lugar a, levantar...”

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